Find the One-of-a-kind


A dictionary describes the term “rustic” as being simple or uncomplicated.  Our earthtone  products and services reflect a period in the North’s colorful  history when ideas were designed with an imaginative function and manufactured to stand the test of time.

Rustic Embellishments

Are you looking for some character in your home, yard, or office? Rustic North has a good selection of reclaimed wood and artifacts that can tastefully enhance a wall, entry way, yard area, etc.

How about an old beam mantel over that fireplace, or a driftwood post and railing around your deck? Stop by our showroom on Platinum Road, and see if “refined rustic” is right for you!

Have you been approached by Rustic North for a remote job or employment position?

Please be advised that this is a scam with nothing to do with us, the actual Rustic North. We have received numerous calls about job offers from a company pretending to be Rustic North.